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 ALPHA-OMEGA TRAVEL (UK) Ltd, now 14 years in the former USSR, has offices in London, Bradford, Moscow, Almaty. Calls are always answered by humans, not computer-centre robots.

 Worldwide Flights many at very special prices. LON-MOS [ret] from around GBP200. Deals in Club too. Call or e-mail for full details.

 Visa Supports [for business and tourism] rapid response for Russia, Kazakhstan, and nearly all the new republics.

 Visa Collections at the London, Edinburgh and Washington DC embassies. We'll work those queues while you take a snooze.

 Hotels and Apartments at realistic rates in London, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Almaty.

 Internal Flights and Trains across the former USSR. West Kakakhstan for fossil fuel fans, spot the anorak on the Trans-Siberian Express, St. Pete for culture vultures, try lumberjacking in Vologda.

 Worldwide Holidays from major UK tour operators or our own private contacts. London and Cyprus are specialities. Guided tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg conducted in espionage English.

 Chauffered Cars and Minibuses for relaxing, bullet-proof airport transfers, hourly contracts and sightseeing tours.

 V.I.P. Arrivals lets you jump the angst-ridden passport queues at SVO2 [Sheremetyevo 2], Moscow's other airports, Almaty too.

 TravelCash emergency financial support for cardholding clients.